KateMccabeKate McCabe, Founder and Director

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Winner of the 2012 Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in ECE: Supervisor Category
Doctoral Student UBC 2014
Master of Arts (Curriculum) UBC 2000
Bachelor of Education UBC 1994
ECE Langara 1984
Leading for Tomorrow in ECE 2000
Mentoring Project 1998
ECE PLAR Mentor Assessor Training 2009

Kate McCabe is the founder and director of Creative Minds. Her educational background has equipped her to develop and support a full range of appropriate activities for the children. Kate continues to study educational philosophy and curriculum and is co-offering a Registered Early Childhood Education training program With The Living Language Institute Foundation which will increase the number of teachers working directly with children at Creative Minds and will also support staff development. Kate has taught kindergarten and grade 1 in an International Baccalaureate school and brings this experience to her work with the children and teachers at Creative Minds. Kate enjoys leading the children in song and finding new books to share and study. She recently spent time in Burgundy, France studying philosophy and is beginning to develop a philosophy for children component of the program.

International Baccalaureate Levels:
Level 3. Science in the PYP 2013, English Language in the Diploma Program 2012, Learner Profile Across the Grades 2011, Assessment in the PYP 2009, Early Childhood Education 2008
Level 2. International Mindedness 2009
Level 1. Primary Years Program 2008

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Carmen Chan
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Early Childhood Education Langara College
Degree in Psychology and Counselling SFU




 Kathryn Dula

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Associate Degree (Arts) 2002
Focus: Peace and Conflict Studies
International Studies
ECE Diploma Langara College 2004
Special Education Diploma Langara 2006
ABA/Mand Training (Autism Spectrum) 2008
International Baccalaureate Level 1 2008
International Baccalaureate Level 2 2011
Sound to Symbol Methodology 2008
Kids Yoga Training 2010
First Aid

Kathryn grew up in the Philippines and moved to Canada in her teens. This helped Kathryn develop a keen interest around internationalism and global awareness. She is currently working on her Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies at SFU and also volunteers her time with the Western Canada Access to Justice. She believes in empowering the children to become thinking, caring individuals in the community and the world. She enjoys long walks in the forest, hiking and adventure traveling. Music and dramatic plays are some areas she likes to explore with the children. Working at Creative Minds allows her to share her passions as well as discover new interests with the children.

Mary FaiWendy Fai

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Early Childhood Education VEMC 2007
Montessori 2007
Business Management Langara 2005
International Baccalaureate Level 1 2008
International Baccalaureate Level 2 2011
Song Games Development Training 2008
Grade 8 RCM piano
First Aid

Mary sees the child as a curious and unique individual. Mary provides the guidance and tools to help the children discover their world. The children’s excitement as they are learning spreads quickly through Creative Minds and beyond our walls as she helps the children make contact with the neighbourhood. Mary has a strong interest in languages. Other than Mandarin and Cantonese, she studied French and Japanese for many years. During her free time, she enjoys cooking, strolling on sandy beaches during the summers and experiencing the healing effects of yoga.

Deb GrantDeb Grant

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Advanced B.A. University of Saskatchewan 1989
ECE Pacific Rim ECE 2010
International Baccalaureate Level 1 2008
International Baccalaureate Level 2 2011
Sound to Symbol Methodology 2008
Food Safe 2005
First Aid

Deb’s love of children and the joy of teaching has led her to this field. Deb enriches our learning environment with her knowledge of and connection to the Musqueam First Nation and her continual curiosity. Her connection with the teachers and parents at Southlands School helps keep communication strong between Creative Minds and the school.


Naomi Sugii

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ECE Living Language Institute Foundation

I originally came from Japan. I am living with my husband and my beautiful 5 year old daughter. I used to work as a social worker at non-profit adoption agency in Osaka, Japan. All families and children I taught me “Family is not about blood, it is about who is willing to hold your hand when you need it the most.


Mai Ikeda


Mai comes from Japan.  The town is called Komatsu and is a countryside landscape.  This has been important to Mai.  She loves the outdoors, the freedom to play amid trees and rocks and dirt. She still climbs mountains and swims in rivers and oceans.  She is a middle child with an older sister and younger brother.  This has helped her learn to see multiple perspectives.



Dawn Campbell

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Dawn grew up in Vancouver and now enjoys life with her husband and three energetic boys. She has been caring for children, most of her life. She graduated from the full time Early Childhood Education program at Living Language Institute Foundation in 2015, and holds her ECE license to practice. With a background in theatre and circus; mixed with a love of the outdoors, she believes play is the most essential part of childhood. Dawn started a forest preschool in South East Vancouver after graduating from the ECE program. She brings her knowledge of Gordon Neufeld, The Whole Brain Child, Non Violent Communication, storytelling and her love of learning about nature to Creative Minds.


Brianna Bandick
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I am from the Okanagan but I spent 10 years of my youth growing up and going to school in Mexico. I now live in Vancouver with my husband and spend as much time as I can exploring all that the diverse surrounding landscapes have to offer for hiking trails, camping and road trips. Learning Spanish through play with other children has become a life long lesson in all that is available to us to learn through play and imagination. Our imagination and our sense of wonder are some of our most valuable assets in life and the children remind me of that every day. I aspire to encourage that spark in the young minds that I come into contact with and to inspire in them an appreciation for their own innate playfulness and curiosity in such a way that they are able to carry it with them, as a valuable tool and asset for the rest of their lives.