Our Philosophy: Community is the Curriculum

At Creative Minds Early Learning Centre the community is curriculum.  The forest, the plants, animals and rocks, the materials in and outside of the classroom, children, parents, staff and community members, all bring elements that enliven this community. The curriculum is responsive and co-creative when we respect all that is here.  We do this by listening care-fully.

  1. We recognize and respect the diversity of families as well as the care-giving and decision-making roles of parents.
  2. We believe in the partnership between families and caregivers and support community involvement.
  3. We believe in providing high quality play situations to empower children to be active in the learning process.
  4. We are committed to providing high quality child care by offering a safe and nurturing environment where appropriate practices are used.
  5. We ensure that all interactions with children are conducted with care and respect. We take into account the child’s family, health and other social issues.
  6. We believe employees are entitled to a working environment that recognizes and respects training, skills and commitment to child care and that demonstrates this through respectful communication and personnel policies.

Creative Minds kidsBelief in the children

It is our belief that children, and the vast knowledge that they possess, are the foundation of the program. They are active agents of their learning. Our methods to excite children into other areas of interest, particularly through literature-inspired programming and International Baccalaureate methodology, are based on years of teacher research; our own and that of others. We invite all parents, community groups, volunteers and students of early childhood education, to engage in and understand the life of the child in concert with the creation of curriculum.